Sunday, April 6, 2014

Eczema In Children Passes Into Adulthood Too, Report Says

According to a recent analysis, children suffering from eczema continue to deal with the medical condition in their adult life, as well.

Eczema is also known by the name of atopic dermatitis, which is a unique but common skin problem with symptoms like extreme itching and inflammation. In the analysis, it has been found that many of the atopic dermatitis kids also suffer in their adult stages.

Conducted by a doctor of Perelman School of Medicine, of the prestigious University of Pennsylvania, the analysis checked for eczema symptoms in a sample size of 7,100 children. The same patients were followed for more than five years, with questions of the disease asked after every six months.

Published by Dr. David Margolis in JAMA Dermatology in the April 2 issue, the report suggested that eczema doesn’t subside in children completely and leaves behind mild symptoms that continue in adulthood. The research suggested that around 64 percent of the children suffered from eczema once in six months, where they had to use the creams and medications or else the dryness continued. However, the reports suggest that the symptoms did subside after age of 20 years. The current report suggestions only indicate that parents must talk to children on the condition, giving them full details.

Eczema is one of the more troubling skin problems and must be discussed with doctors for the right medication. Parents should closely monitor kids and give them adequate information on avoiding certain conditions. Some changes to lifestyle and good skin care can help eczema patients to a good extent.

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