Monday, December 30, 2013

Depression in Veterans Can be Addressed Through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

According to researchers it is possible addressing depression in the veterans; both old and young; using cognitive behavioral therapies. A research team led by Bradley Karlin studied a number of cases and found out the possibilities associated with use of CBT to treat depression. One of the findings of the research team was that older adults do not make much use of health services for treating mental problems. At least the moves taken by them are much lower in comparison to their younger counterparts. In their quest they examined 864 persons of whom 100 were in the age group of over 65 while the other 764 were in the age group of 18-64. "Untreated depression in older adults is associated with poorer quality of life, significantly increased mortality, increased suicide rates, exacerbation of and/or delay in recovery from medical illness, and considerable economic, social, family, and overall societal costs," said the authors.

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