Monday, December 30, 2013

Improve Parenting Skills And Child Behavior With Group Training

Ellen C. Perrin, M.D., of the Tufts Medical Center in Boston, and his colleagues started up a new observation. They assigned 150 parents of children to a parent- training group where they can learn about the primary care setting of this phase of their life. Along with this there was also a provision of waiting list where parents can wait for their training sessions according to their feasibility and effectiveness of results. Meanwhile can observe result by other parents. 123 additional parents also joined this group training facility. Observations show that there was improvement in result of parenting skills and child behaviors of both interventions group in comparison for those with waiting list. A structured way of recording and analysis of results were maintained. A video tape was recorded before, during and after 12 months of parenting training. "This study supports the benefits of offering parent-training interventions in primary care settings," the authors write. "It demonstrates the feasibility of training pediatric staff (in particular nurses, nurse practitioners, and social workers) to co-lead parenting groups and the efficacy of parent training delivered in diverse pediatric settings."

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