Monday, December 30, 2013

Know How Lin28a Helps In Fast Recovery of Damaged Tissues and Cracked Bones

It is possible to repair damaged tissues in human body? Yes this is true scientists of Harvard Medical School have found a gene that could accelerate tissue repair process in body. This gene is named as 'Lin28a'. This gene has ability to help cells in its regeneration or its fast recovery therefore it is named in as wolverine-healing gene by number of people. This gene expected to bring revolution in the treatment of number of incurable diseases like cancer and many other major accidental injuries which earlier cause death of the patient. The research explain why young people over come from injuries fast than adult because during young age this gene Lin28a is highly active and with the dormant of time it become passive. "It sounds like science fiction, but Lin28a could be part of a healing cocktail that gives adults the superior tissue repair seen in juvenile animals," said senior study author George Daley of Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

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