Friday, January 3, 2014

High Expenses Related to Multiple Pregnancies

For quite sometimes multiple pregnancies has been one of the major health concerns for people not only in U.S but across the globe. The reason is the huge cost involved in their treatments as well as the high risks that are associated with the syndrome for both mothers and babies. In comparison the single birth pregnancies cost much less. The expenses that are related to the multiple pregnancies can be higher in the range of 5-20 times of the single pregnancy cases. Medical scientists and researchers are consistently on search for effective solution to the problem. A growing syndrome all over the world, multiple pregnancies is the result of extensive use of reproductive technologies. These technologies include methods like IVF. A survey indicates that around 3% of children in United States in 2010 were outcome of multiple births. Twin and triplets constituted 33 and 1.4 per 1000 births in the country. No wonder that the growing syndrome has become a headache for the medical scientists.

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