Monday, December 30, 2013

Know how genetic difference effects allergic nature of men and women

According to latest research women get infected from allergies faster than men due to their genetic differences. This risk of infection became higher in adult women as they easily get affected from allergies, autoimmune diseases and asthma in comparison to men belonging to same age group. Irrespective to the above mentioned fact in kids, boys became easy victim of asthma, rhinitis and food allergies in comparison to girls. Allergy specialist Dr Renata Engler said: “More prepubescent males have rhinitis, asthma and food allergy than females. “However, roles change. When females enter young adulthood, they outnumber men in these chronic illness categories.” Research team wants to explore more adapted and effective gender based medicines which can meet all the health differences between women and men. This medicine will surely increase health level of people regarding their gender and they have to choose best medicine accordant to their gender. Despite all this still research is continue in order to gain closer view of these medicines and their after effects on gender based differences.

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