Monday, December 30, 2013

Treat Facial Lesions With New And Innovative Laser Therapy

Various technologies and medication systems are present in the market for healing problems related to body. There are number of laser techniques and topical medicines are present which can provide an effective treatment of angiofibromas. Angiofibromas is generally seen in Tuberous Sclerosis. Angiofibromas Patients are difficult to treat as there is a high possibility of recur. This new and effective targeted therapy works concurrently with laser surgery and reduce the after effects of treatment. "We described our method of combining these treatments to manage the angiofibromas of Tuberous Sclerosis. We hope to continue to pioneer innovative approaches to treating difficult skin problems by incorporating novel medical therapies with laser technology," said Dr. Roy G. Geronemus. Dr. Geronemus and Yoon-Soo Cindy Bae-Harboe conducted this research. Through this article author wants to explore probable benefits of inclusion of novel topical agents with laser surgical procedure. This not only increases penetration of targeted treatment into the site of disease reduction but also ensures sure results.

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