Friday, January 3, 2014

Clinicians responsible for patients' attitudes towards back pain

During our stressful lives any diseases become part of our journey. Chronic or lower back pain is one of such diseases that comes up with the stressful life. For relief a patient may consult many people from family to friends to advice on internet but a very new research shows that the health care professionals make a deep impression on the attitude and beliefs of the patients regarding their back pain. The research conducted at the University of Otago Wellington has suggested that the information and advice from clinicians had the significant and enduring influence on the patient’s attitudes. The lead author of the research Ben Darlow explains, “Notably, we found messages from clinicians that were interpreted as meaning the back is vulnerable and needed to be protected could result in increased vigilance, worry, frustration, and guilt for patients.” This research shows that patients have an attitude that the medical professionals help them to form.

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