Friday, January 3, 2014

Study shows link between ACE inhibitors and acute kidney injury

According to a new research published in journal Plos One conducted at Cambridge University, suggests a clear association between the ACE inhibitors and the acute kidney injury. This refers to a sudden deterioration in kidney functioning. The researchers examined the issues collected data from the England. Here the scientists compared the rates of acute kidney injury to the English hospitals. They have found that the 52 per cent increase in the acute kidney injury admissions. They also found an increase in the number of prescriptions especially for ACE inhibitors and ARAs. Through this research it proves a clear association between the high prescriptions and increased number of cases in hospitals. The lead author, Dr Rupert Payne, from the University of Cambridge's Institute of Public Health, explains, “There has been lots of anecdotal evidence suggesting these drugs may be a contributory factor in patients developing acute kidney injury, and this work gives us an opportunity to estimate the size of the problem, as well as making clinicians and patients more aware of the importance of using these drugs in accordance with current clinical guidelines.”

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