Friday, January 3, 2014

Hyper-connected neurons are the main cause of social symptoms in autistic Childs

Autistic children’s brains show more connections when compared to the typically developing brains of children. And the other thing is the individual’s brains that are more severe with social symptoms are most hyper connected. The reports published in Cell reports journals on 7th of November challenges the general concept in the field that brains with autism lacks in neural connections. And in fact the new researches and findings can give a chance to new plans which shows a way to identify autism in the early stage as per the researchers. And moreover, Autism spectrum disorder is a Neuro developmental state which affects to 1 among 88 children generally. According to Kaustubh Supekar of Stanford University School of Medicine along with his colleague Vinod Menon, intended in characterizing the whole brain connectivity in children and said that “our study addresses one of the hottest open questions in autism research.” With the help of the most and largest heterogeneous pediatric practical datasets till date, they are in a position to display that autistic children are hyper connected when compared to severity of social impairments presented by these autistic children.

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