Friday, January 3, 2014

FOXO3 Could Provide Protection Against Liver Injuries Caused by Alcohol

Ultimately FOXO3 or transcription factor could give ample protection against liver injuries that are induced by heavy alcohol consumptions. On the other hand FOXO3 deficiencies could result into serious liver injuries due to alcohol intake. Moreover though hepatitis C virus or HCV as well as the alcohol can activate standalone FOXO3, together they may work to suppress FOXO3. Invariably the result is sustenance of serious liver injuries. "There is emerging evidence that the FOXO transcription factor family plays a critical role in metabolic, antioxidant, and cell death responses in the liver. The role of FOXO in injury processes is complex as FOXO transcription programs can either be cytoprotective or cytotoxic, and well-documented examples of both phenomena are numerous," says Steven A. Weinman of Kansas University and group leader. Experiments carried out on mice those were deficient in FOXO3 indicated that administration of alcohol on them resulted in serious liver injuries. Many people who are not deficient in FOXO3 do not develop liver problems despite long use of alcohol.

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