Friday, January 3, 2014

SLC24A5 A Pigmentation Gene Is Responsible Variation in Skin Color of South Asians

A recent study by the University of Tartu Estonia and University of Cambridge UK has concluded that SLC24A5 a pigmentation gene is responsible for variation in skin color amongst South Asians. They took skin color samples from people residing in India to quantify the variation and range in skin pigmentation phenotype among them and found the widespread existence of SLC24A5. Chandana Basu Mallik from University of Tartu says this study explains the effects of linguistic, cultural and geographical boundaries as well as the strict endogamy observed in this region on the formation of the light colored skin allele. It also helps understand the other influences that shape this phenotypic trait other than the natural selection driven by UV rays. Another important fact revealed was that both Indians and Europeans shared the same mutation of SLC24A5 for their light skin and it was more prevalent amongst the North Indians.

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