Friday, January 24, 2014

Studies reveal new methods to test for bladder cancer in humans

Dr. Gopal Gupta from Loyola University Medical Centre studied the exosomes found in urine that are released by cancer cells. It was done to understand the possibility of developing a screening test for bladder cancer. Bladder cancer has a very strong history of recurrence in patients. These exosomes are 30-100 nano meters long and contain protein and a genetic messenger RNA which is the marker for the particular genes. After being released by cancer cells they are usually picked up by other bladder cancer cells. The researchers took the help of image cytometry to understand how these exosomes are picked up by cells and also transferred between them. Studying and characterizing them will help the researchers to understand their roles on bladder cancer recurrence and subsequent progression. The study will also help to understand if a plain urine sample screening can help in detection and treatment for the same.

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