Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A common medical setting must begin the prevention of suicide

The people who commit suicide possess mental health conditions which are not diagnosed, though most of them have initial care through a medical professionalist in their life before they breath their last moments. In order to prevent the suicidal cases, the medical health care professionals must become more familiar about the patient’s mental condition and the ideation of suicide. All these are found in a new study by Brain Ahmedani from Henry Ford Health System in Detroit, Michigan. In fact, the study is the largest geographical study of its type till date and it came into view in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. In the Mental Health Research Network, Ahmedani and his colleagues studied the medical report of 5,894 health chart members belonging from 8 states who committed suicide in between 2000-2010. In fact, this methodology gave data on the health care which mentioned about people who committed suicide before their deaths.

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