Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The attitude of parents in helping their adult children control their mental health

According to the team of researchers, older parents regularly provide help and support to their middle age children and their insight about providing this support which may influence their mental health. It is said by Lauren Bangerter, Ph.D. student in human development and family studies in Penn state that, “We usually view the elderly as needy, but our research shows that parents ages 60 and over are giving help to their children, and this support is often associated with lower rates of depression among the older adults.” Mainly, the researchers assessed 337 aged-parent member of the Family Exchanges study. Being a part of The Family Exchanges study, the contestants gave ratings about how regularly they gave diverse kinds of help to their middle aged children. Indeed, the researchers found certain connections between physical support and feelings of reward and the non-physical help and feelings of worry in presenting the depressive symptoms of parents.

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