Saturday, February 15, 2014

A step forward in defeating cancer-causing herpes

"Viruses cannot survive or replicate on their own - they need the resources and apparatus within a host cell to do so." Dr. Tunniclife provides an informative clinch to the research that herpes virus can overtake the energy of life cells. They also provide a molecular view of herpes virus RNA, between cellular protein and virus. He mentions that he originated a new way to reveals the viruses’ molecular functionality. The researcher use the technique familiar with the one used in MRI, to detect the smaller cells, to examine the functionality of viruses of getting multiple just by co-relating with each other. For this study they have taken in account the Monkey herpes and Mouse Herpes virus. Along with this framework study, they utilized herpes virus and only tested on couples of squirrel monkey, which is alike to the virus causing Kaposi’s sarcoma in human beings, as these monkeys herpes structure is very similar in nature.

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