Friday, February 14, 2014

What women desires? Does it depends on the active course of the month

No one can suggests that what women desire or we can say more focused, that when women desires, a study by UCLA reviewed numerous editorial and subeditorial reviews about women’s preferences. Some of the characteristics that define women behavior include expression, some fumes, body gestures, but they are not for long-time. Women often obtain bad rap for being arrogant, but it is not usual. Though some test are also performed including the scent of some men t-shirts, to record how they reacts to it, as it is proven most effective to excite women. All these study is reviewed by Kelly GIldersleeve and Haselton, a UCLA doctoral student. "Women could have had the best of both worlds—securing paternal investment from a long-term mate and high-genetic quality from affair partners—but only if those affairs were timed at a point of high fertility within the cycle, and probably only if their affairs remained undiscovered."

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