Thursday, February 27, 2014

A way to reduce anxiety: Increasing brain acidity

Increasing acidity can affect the brain's emotional control in a way to reduces anxiety, based on one animal study that has been in Journal of Neuroscience published on February 26. Results of these studies are providing enormous results. Disorder of anxiety supports inability to control various feelings of uncertainty and fear. Researchers are provided certain findings about the said subject. According to Anantha Shekhar, who has studded allot about in Indiana university about panic disorders has explained in given words "These findings suggest that activating these channels, specifically in fear-related areas such as the amygdale, may be a key to regulating anxiety," she had further added that "Developing specific drugs that can stimulate these channels could provide a new way to treat anxiety and fear disorders such a post-traumatic stress and panic disorders." To check the effect of activation of ASIC1a has on cells surrounding it has been stated in BLA cells in a solution acidic in the laboratory.

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