Thursday, February 27, 2014

Heavy Burden on Nursing Staff Increase Risk Of Life For Surgical Patients

The death rate of patients after surgery increased heavily in Europe in past few years. This emerged the need of the investigation of the nursing staff in hospitals. There are few nurses with bachelor degree in nursing and while others have heavier load of the work. The study conducted in past presented some astonishing results. 3000 hospitals in 9 different cities were targeted more than 42000 patients were considered in this study. The number of nurses in proportion to the patients is very less. This increase burden on nurses and on average surgical patients died within 30 days of their surgery. A 10% increase in nursing staff holding bachelor degree can reduce the risk of death to 7% "Our findings emphasize the risk to patients that could emerge in response to nurse staffing cuts under recent austerity measures, and suggest that an increased emphasis on bachelor's education for nurses could reduce hospital deaths", this was stated by Professor Linda Aiken who conducted this research. She was practicing at Pennsylvania School of Nursing, USA.

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