Thursday, February 27, 2014

Prostate Cancer Can Be Treated Easily With Intense Radiotherapy

Radiotherapy is one of the finest ways of treatment of cancer. Heavy doses on radiotherapy schedule can be a better option for the people who are infected from prostate cancer. This study was conducted on a large scale on the trails of 10 years on the people including men and women suffering from this problem The observation are made on 32 rounds of radioactive therapy was compared with 64 Gray. The high doses made effective result on this disease and also reduced the chances of the usage of deprived hormonal therapy that may have long terms side effects on men and women. Study head Professor David Dearnaley, Professor at The Institute of Cancer Research, London said that "Further refinements in radiotherapy techniques since our trial began have made treatment even safer and are very important as men with localized prostate cancer have such favorable long-term survival prospects.". Apart from this Professor David Dearnaley is Consultant Honorary at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust.

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