Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pregnancy and Postpartum Period-High Risk Phases of Women Life for HIV infection

US researchers conducted a study in past which targeted women who are living in this region where HIV infection is very common. This study covered perspectives and occurrence of HIV infection during postpartum period and during pregnancy. The study was lead by Alison Drake and his colleagues from University of Washington Seattle. They revealed some astonishing facts that mothers who got infected with HIV during pregnancy are supposing to the pass this infection to their children than the mothers who have this infection during a long and constant period. The study authors draw this conclusion by investigation different studies published on this fact. They use a model to estimate this incident rate. The model was HIV Incident rate and the rate of transmission of HIV infection from mother to her child. The authors further stated few points on this study: "Detection and prevention of incident HIV in pregnancy/postpartum should be prioritized, and is critical to decrease [mother to child transmission rate]."

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