Friday, February 28, 2014

A New Label System for Calorie and Sugar Count in Food Products

Calories are essential part for building body of human being. A new method of calories count is proposed by Obama Administration in United States. Through this new system a person can have an easy count of calories. Calories in bold type and large amount can be counted by consumer through additive sugar label mentions on the food products. The updation in serving size of food products will make it actually realistic. The size of serving ice-cream is changed to double what people actually love to have for eat. The new updation in the nutrition table is likely to include in system several years away. Apart from this a decade before people were aware of fat they are including in their life style through their eating habits but now their focus is on calories count that they can have through the implementation of this new label system. On Thursday First Lady of United States Michelle Obama announced these proposed changes in label system by joining Food and Drug Administration.

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