Friday, February 28, 2014

Improve Health Care with Some Simple Lab Based Changes in Hospitals

According to the study named proof of concepts, how a simple change in the test results conducted in the hospital laboratory may help in improving practices of prescribing antibiotics to the patients and their safety. This study document is also present online for all internet users. The study author found the positivity of the test urine results helps in diagnosis of patients. This will help in easy classification of patients who don’t require antibiotics for their treatments. These test result and change in diagnosis system don’t affect any patient who require antibiotic for their treatment. Patients in hospitals are generally asked for Urine test which are often no use. Positive result culture of test leads to the start of antibiotic prescription without having a single UTI symptom in body. This often harm patient and cause many problem including C. difficile and subsequent infection with the more usage of the antibiotic resistant bacteria in medicines. "In clinical medicine, there are many examples of tests that are not routinely processed or reported when they have been shown to be of very low yield or associated with potential harms, and special requests are required in these cases," said lead author Jerome A. Leis, MSc, MD of Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto.

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