Friday, February 28, 2014

Effectiveness of CfDNA in Fetal Chromosome Abnormalities Identification

A study conducted By New England Journal of Medicine emphasis on the prenatal testing for chromosome abnormalities in the body. Diana W. Bianchi led a team of researchers, MD; Executive Director of the Mother Infant Research Institute at Floating Hospital for Children located at Tufts Medical Center provided relevant facts about it. The results of cfDNA tests are found positive. The performance of cfDNA test are consistently well in a common population of pregnant ladies, In terms of the risk for the Fetal abnormalities of chromosomes. The study conducted in past stated that the test presented an effective results in the women who have greater risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Bianchi said "We found that the major advantage of noninvasive prenatal DNA testing was the significant reduction of the false positive rate," further initialed "Prenatal testing using cell-free DNA as a primary screen could eliminate the need for many of the invasive diagnostic procedures (such as amniocentesis) that are performed to confirm a positive screen."

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