Friday, February 28, 2014

Find answers of frequent question “to pull or to not pull out the infected teeth”.

Population all over the world is now suffering from dental problems. Problems in teeth are often removed previous to surgery, in order to decrease the risk associated with infections counting Endocardit. Endocardit is a type of an infection in the inner lining of heart which can attest sudden death. But the famous Mayo Clinic and related research have suggested that it might not be easy to get teeth pulled out. The end result for physicians and patients, the researchers has concluded that in spite of following a thumb rule; physicians must try to evaluate each patient independently. Dr. Grim a popular physician suggested that: "We hope this study sparks future discussion and research, in the meantime, we recommend an individualized approach for these patients, to weigh their particular risk and benefit of a dental procedure before cardiac surgery with the information we have currently available."

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