Thursday, February 13, 2014

Adult Vaccination Rates dripping

As per the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention it has been observed that the vaccination rates among adults are very low. This low rate not only affects the people but it will also result in high losses. Billions of dollars are spent on the indirect health costs that could be avoided due to casual vaccinations. The researchers picked up data from the year 2012 National Health Interview Survey. They further analyzed information about the individuals that were sought as representative sample of adults across the nation and then concluded. The CDC further extended recommendation to all the medical professionals to improve general health. They are advised to review and update all the patients on their vaccination schedules. The medical professionals need to keep a track on vaccinations during their routine check-ups. They are also devising a reminder call system to the patients reminding them about their due vaccinations. This will help people to encourage better vaccination habits.

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