Monday, February 10, 2014

Vision is important for spatial skills

According to a new study conducted by the MIT neuroscientists proves that the visual input is quite important and plays a very special role in developing skills for complicated tasks. Vision is plays major role in critical skill including spatial imagery. Eyes, ears, and sense also contribute to this ability to imagine spatial structures, but vision is most important of all. The study was conducted amongst Indian children who were blind by birth but got treated. Through this study it turned out that the children ability to conduct perform more complex spatial imagery work improved. Pawan Sinha, an MIT professor of brain and cognitive sciences and senior author, explains, “Just four months of vision seems to have a significant impact on spatial imagery skills. That seems to be consistent with the greater richness of spatial information that vision provides. With audition and touch we get a coarser sense of the environment. With vision we have a much more fine-grained appreciation of the environment.”

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