Saturday, February 22, 2014

Bad Experience of medical care of numerous kidney disease victims

A study proposed by Researchers from University of Maryland School of Medicine Jeffrey Fink, Jennifer Ginsberg along with their co-workers demonstrated 267 Chronic Kidney disease patients, to identify the regularity of difficulties of medical care of the victims of CKD. A sum of 185 victims had at least one Class I or II event, i.e. 69.3% of total cases and 102 i.e. 38.2 has more than one occurrences and rest 18% i.e. 48 face at least one event from both classes. Class I and Class II is “low blood Sugar levels”, “High Potassium in Blood” respectively, hypoglycemia and severe issue of dizziness are almost get involved with other complications of medical care. "Disease-specific adverse safety event events are strikingly common in CKD and in the setting of medications that can account for such events. It is possible that efforts to prevent these unintended events will reduce the rate of renal function loss and poor outcomes in patients with CKD,"

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