Saturday, February 22, 2014

Can PTSD engage immune reaction to stress?

A new study reveals that chronic stress that is harmful for humans, will empowered mice for a prolonged fight. These happen due to spleens, as chronic stress ended up immune cells, then this allow animals to respond later. But mice without spleens are unlike from the same reactivation with 2nd stressor, which shows spleens’ role as a reservoir. The experts from Ohio state university were thinking to extend their findings to humans, but as immune system has vital role is impacting human behavior, they thought to demonstrate these on animals and they are the 1st of doing this type of study. The study reveals new way of 2-way communication, from nervous system to the periphery. "That retriggering is a component of post-traumatic stress. The previously stressed mice are living a normal rodent life, and then this acute stress brings everything back. Animals that have never been exposed to stress before were unaffected by that one event – it didn't change behavioral or physiological properties."

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