Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cardiac regeneration through gene therapy

A question posed by researcher Dr. Scott Shapiro and his colleagues from George Washington University, who supposed that gene therapy can leads to cardiac regeneration. There is chance of severe damage to a portion of heart after cardiac attack, this occurs due to muscle cells those are terminally separated and not able to flow blood to heart. The temporary treatment can lead to one of the biggest cause of death. A study demonstrated on animals shows that gene therapy elicit a regenerative effect in pig hearts, this finding also includes the examination of small animals like zebrafish, and the main component during this process which comes into play is Cyclin A2 (Ccna2). Ccna2 is a gene which normally stops in humans after birth. This has important impact on cardiac regeneration. "We delivered Ccna2 directly into the heart and found that pigs not only had improved cardiac function, but also found evidence of cellular regeneration."

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