Saturday, February 22, 2014

Central nervous system disorders against Cancer

This study is based on the fact that Epidemiological research shows that nervous system disorders are actually protecting against cancer. For a detailed examination, the researchers comparing info of 1700 individuals for genetic expression from various studies of nervous system disorder, The Study includes 100-gene signature, for the very 1st time the relationship between these disorders were witnessed, though 74% were less active and 19% were highly active in nervous system and less active in cancer. The 2nd portion is of drug repositioning, for these experts were taken into account that the drugs used to treat nervous system disorder, which is already examined for Alzheimer’s treatment in mice. The research also shows the genes associated to important biological functions for life like tissue metabolism and transport of thoughts between cells and their external behavior. "In spite of the evidence, we did not have the molecular details which could explain this protective effect, in other words, which genes could be behind this behavior."

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