Saturday, February 22, 2014

Determine Advanced Prostate Cancer with Genetic Screening

A research organized by the Medical Practitioners at the Institute of Cancer Research, London, with the sponsorship of Prostate Cancer UK, this study is not only examined some men that are genetically prone to prostate cancer, but also to find that which men can prone to life-threatening disease, this is a highlight of this study. The study is demonstrated on 191 men with a earlier case of 3 or more prostate victims in their close relatives. They were using 2nd generation DNA sequencing technology to find in 22 varied cancer genes. 13 genes were much more same as the remaining without to invade advanced form of cancer. They claim that they had the technical capabilities and states the early diagnosis can save lives. "The minefield of prostate cancer diagnosis is one of the biggest hurdles facing treatment of the disease today. Current tests fail to differentiate between aggressive cancers that could go on to kill, and cancers that may never cause any harm.”

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