Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cancer survivors can get energy from light therapy

Researchers from Calgary are analyzing light therapy, a potential energizer for patients who survive from cancer. Diane Franssen (66) states that participated in this study and that light therapy improved her energy and life quality. She received radiation, surgery and chemotherapy after diagnosis, but unfortunately, these affected her sleep. But when she received light therapy, she felt energized: “I`ll never forget it. After about a week of using the light therapy, I woke up one morning and my exhaustion was gone – I felt totally different”. According to Jillian Johnson, research co-author, dietary changes and exercises can help some of these people to regain their energy. “If light therapy proves to have some measurable benefits, then it could be an easily accessible and simple form of treatment with the potential to benefit many people”. To have the right answer, in this study will participate 128 patients who will be required to give blood, use light therapy on a daily basis and maintain a sleep diary.

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