Thursday, February 20, 2014

CBTI- An effective method of treatment of Insomnia in less utilization cost

A study was conducted in recent intimated that it will become possible to decrease health care utilization factors and costs associated in it with the minor treatment terminology of insomnia cognitive behavioral therapy. The result of the study indicates that 86 percent patients suffering from insomnia can be treated completed through initial three session of CBTI. This treatment costs too less, therefore, people who takes this treatment observe fast recovery in their problem as well as in the amount of money they have to spend on this whole process of treatment within 6 months. On an average more than $200 reduced on total cost of treatment. "Cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia is a highly effective treatment, and this study shows that a relatively brief intervention also may have a positive economic impact," stated lead investigator PhD Christina McCrae. He is an associate professor of clinical and health psychology at Florida University of in Gainesville. "Insomnia remains an undertreated disorder, and brief cognitive behavioral therapy can help to increase access to care and reduce the burden of insomnia."

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