Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unique Neuron Network in Human Brain

Consequent upon research it has now been found that there could be a connection between the neuron networks and human brains. In the past the scientists have always believed that neurons that give sense of feeling follow a pre-determined path to the brain. According to Duke University researchers, the theory is turned upside down as they found that there are no such set patterns for the wiring of neurons in sensory system in the body. Another conclusion at which the researchers arrived is that sensory system varies from person to person and no two systems are identical. According to lead author Fan Wang of Duke Medical Schools the connectivity system is one-to-many as well as many-to-one. Basically it is a two way system as single neuron sends signals to multiple neurons whereas multiple neurons also send such signals to a particular neuron. "We take our sense of touch for granted," Wang said. "When you speak, you are not aware of the constant tactile feedback from your tongue and teeth. Without such feedback, you won't be able to say the words correctly.”

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