Thursday, February 20, 2014

Restricting Gun Access to Mentally Ill Will Not Stop Mass Killing

In recent times mass killing with gunfire has become a big problem for law enforcement agencies as well as the policy makers in United States. Health experts all over the country have been trying to find out some viable solution to the problem. Various proposals have been advanced towards this end. However, according to the Mayo Clinic experts, taking guns away from mentally ill people won’t stop such mass shootings. While mental degeneration in people getting involved in such shooting cannot be overlooked, the incidents are carefully planned for pretty long time by the prospective shooters before the commit the heinous crime, says, Dr Bostwick, research author. ”Guns, Schools, and Mental Illness: Potential Concerns for Physicians and Mental Health Professionals", he says. According to him, mere restrictive gun legislation is no solution for the problem. There is also no surety that many of the people having mental degeneration will involve in violence. The problem is further compounded by the fact that only 10% of mentally degenerated persons are registered.

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