Sunday, February 16, 2014

Disparity in Kidney Transplantation In Hispanics Contributed to Geographic Location

Instances of kidney transplantations are much less among the people of Hispanic origins in United States in comparison to their non-Hispanic counterparts. A recent research conducted discloses two basic reasons for the disparity. First among them is the blood group of these people and the second; and more important; is their geographical location. Consequent upon such findings the researchers have also suggested the implementation of new policies for deceased donor organs and their allocation among prospective recipients. Expansion of the new policy over wider geographical horizon can address the problems of disparity effectively, they feel. Moreover this will also address the problems of people of Hispanic origin being more vulnerable to kidney failure in comparison to those belonging to Non-Hispanic origins. When placed on dialysis, the wait list for those of Hispanic origin was much greater. "The main barriers after placement on the waitlist include the tendency for Hispanics to reside in regions with organ procurement organizations characterized by longer median waiting times as well as the higher likelihood for Hispanics to have blood type O, " explained Dr. Arce, lead author.

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