Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Network of Neurons In Brain Detected

Human brain is extremely volatile and its formation continues to change during the life span of a human being. While various new formations take place within the brain consistently, few facts about it have so far been detected. A recent research by Dr. Markus Butz of Jurich has paved the path for detection of new networks of neurons in human brain. Discoveries made by Butz could open up the avenues for new and innovative treatments for brain related ailments. Neuro-plasticity of brain is a scientifically proven fact that helps recovery from injuries in many ways. In course of their research the scientists found out the interesting fact that brain has great adaptive capabilities meeting new circumstances. "It's very likely that the structural plasticity of the brain is the basis for long-term memory formation, and it's not just about learning. Following the amputation of extremities, brain injury, and the onset of neurodegenerative diseases, and strokes, huge numbers of new synapses are formed in order to adapt the brain to the lasting changes in the patterns of incoming stimuli,” says Dr Butz.

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