Sunday, February 16, 2014

Even Low Income Groups Can Get Healthy Diet in Rural America

Attraction to fast food and wayward life style has resulted in American children consuming more sugar and fats instead of nutritious food. Fruits, vegetables as well as the whole grains are typically absent from their daily diets these days. This is a clear violation of the approved federal dietary guidelines and has enhanced the risks of diabetes and overweight. All children were not subjected to bad life styles common in case of affluent families. Most of the times going for such food are inevitable for the children in low income group families. They do not have the resources to opt for nutritious and healthy food. "The objective of our analysis was to examine changes in fruit, vegetable, legume, whole-grain and low-fat dairy consumption among rural elementary students who were exposed to the CHANGE study intervention compared with students in control schools," says lead author Juliana F. W. Cohen of Harvard School. At the end of the research the team arrived at the conclusion that it is possible for rural and low income group children in America to get nutritious diets.

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