Thursday, February 20, 2014

First Wireless Pacemaker Will Be Marketed By St. Jude Medical

The first wireless pacemaker has been approved by European community and it will be marketed by St. Jude medical. Advantage of the new device is that patients will dispense the irritating implanted wires that attaches pacemaker to the heart. A unique device it was developed with funding by St. Jude and they aim to acquire the manufacturer company, Nanostim of California. There was also a substantial hike in the prices of shares of St. Jude in share market consequent upon the declaration. Traditional pacemakers were wired and they were implanted through surgery creating a small hold in the chest of the patient. The new wireless pacemaker will be implanted with the use of catheter-based methods and would be much less intensive compared to the traditional surgeries. St. Jude will make some further tests in and Europe and they have to carry out trials in United States also before getting FDA approval there. However the world market could reach $680 million next year according to analyst Larry Biegelsen of Wells Fargo.

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