Thursday, February 20, 2014

There is No Relation Between Advanced Age and Tip-of- the-Tongue Moments

Common belief is that tip-of-the-tongue moments are signs of ageing and memory loss connected with it. Reason for such belief is that people in advance ages seem to suffer from such symptoms more in comparison to their younger counterparts. However, researchers think otherwise as they feel the two factors are usually unrelated to each other. However the actual relationship between age and the tip-of-the-tongue syndrome has never been pinpointed. As Timothy Salthouse of Virginia University puts it; "We wondered whether these self-reports are valid and, if they are, do they truly indicate age-related failures of the type of memory used in the diagnosis of dementia?" To get the answer, researchers examined over 700 people in the age group of 18-99. Several questions were put to these people ranging from personal to general knowledge. In the interviews, people in advanced ages met with more problems fumbling with the answers. However, when all factors were taken into consideration, no specific connection between age and tip-of-the-tongue problem was established.

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