Thursday, February 20, 2014

Readmission Penalties More in Hospitals With More Nurses

Medicare readmission penalties constitute a major problem for many clinics and hospitals these days. Researchers have found that hospitals and clinics with larger staff strength have less chances of facing such penalties in comparison to the ones that have fewer nurses under their wings. According to Matthew D. McHugh of Pennsylvania University the penalties suffered under the Affordable Care Act by clinics and healthcare centers with larger staff strength have been fewer than those having lower staff contingencies. "Investment in nursing is a potential system-level intervention to reduce readmissions that policy makers and hospital administrators should consider in the new regulatory environment as they examine the quality of care delivered to U.S. hospital patients," he said. Making survey of different hospitals and clinics the researchers found that the odds of getting penalized for institutions with higher staff strength are 25% lower. This inspired them to conclude that investments made in nursing have big potential in reduction of the readmission penalties.

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