Thursday, February 20, 2014

Residential Location of Seniors Influence Their Drug Selection

An interesting finding of the Dartmouth Atlas Project is that drug selection and recommendation made by senior people are often influenced by their geographical locations. Most of the times, the drugs and medications suggested by senior people will vary widely from one location to another though they may be for the identical disease. Such variations also may have divergent impacts as some of them may miss the vital elements in treatment of the disease while others may inadvertently lead to risky propositions. Whatever the consequences might be, the fact remains that the suggested treatments, drugs, and medications lack uniformity. In course of the study the researchers found that at least one out of each four prescriptions contained medications and drugs that could carry high risks for people in advanced ages. At the same time cardiovascular patients got drugs and medications that were time tested for lowering cholesterol levels. Once again the finding established that variations take place despite there being no specific reasons.

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