Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surgeons Can Regain Touch With Newly Invented Wireless Capsule

A growing trend in recent years in the field of medical science is that operating surgeons are losing their touch due to increase in the quantum of minimally invasive surgeries. Conversely, it can also be contributed to the consequential reduction in the incidences of open surgeries. In open surgeries most of the surgeons will put their reliance on their sense of touch that helps them locate things like hidden objects like tumors, blood vessels, and many aspects of human anatomy. In medical science this process is known as palpation, a process dispensed with in minimal invasive surgeries. In this type of surgeries only small holes are made in the body of the patient that does not give the treating physician any feel of touch. This is exactly the point where the new wireless capsule intervenes giving the treating physicians the feel of touch they were gradually forgetting with minimal invasive surgeries. As the capsules are saddled with pressure sensors, they will give the doctor the touch back by sensitizing theme to various filling.

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