Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fructose has never caused fatty non-alcoholic liver infection

You must be knowing that fatty non-alcoholic liver infection has increased to a great extend in developed countries, and it is now affecting 30 per cent populations. This disease linked to increasing obesity and has become a reason for diabetes as well. The most possible connection between non-alcohol based fatty liver diseases is the main criticism alongside fructose. Those who believe there is impressive unique about the fructose iota or the mode it is blame and metabolized for those who are suffering from obesity. Based on meta-analysis of presented human trials available today in some European Journal of Clinical Nutrition present that fructose is not all responsible for the increase in above non-alcohol based fatty liver problems. Dr. John Sievenpiper, a researcher from the Clinical Nutrition and Risk Factor Modification Centre of St. Michael's Hospital mentioned that But excess consumption of calories can contribute to the disease, regardless of whether those calories came from fructose or other carbohydrates.

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