Thursday, February 27, 2014

Unusual Truth: - Intensive dialysis can benefit pregnant women on intensive dialysis with kidney failure

"More intensive dialysis has improved pregnancy rates and dramatically improved pregnancy outcomes," This study further lead by Dr. Michelle H. MD and her co-workers find this by examine the pregnant ladies from Toronto with that from US. In Toronto a women undergoes by a dialysis of 43hrs in a week as an average, and a US lady face the dialysis of 17hrs in a week. The study includes 22 pregnancies from Toronto and 70 pregnancies from pregnancy and kidney disease from 2000-13 and 1990-2011 respectively. The major findings include the live birth rate of 83% with only 53% in Toronto and US respectively, and it for duration of 36 weeks as compared to 27 weeks for both Toronto and US respectively. There are some of the complications and hopefully they all are manageable give a sigh of relief to pregnant ladies. Also this research provides a hope to all young women those are on dialysis and hoping to plan her own family!

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