Thursday, February 27, 2014

Uneven Distribution of Clot-busting drug in Hispanic and Non-Hispanic Stroke Victims

The victims of Hispanic stroke are not properly getting clot-busting prescribed medicine. Having this as the base for the study the reviewer starts analyzing stroke care for both the patients with Hispanic and non-Hispanic stroke, as per the geographical and the medical properties especially in the states bordering Mexico and on them those are not on Mexican border. It is shown that approximately 35K individuals those are victim of Hispanic Stroke, out of which 21,130 get admitted in Border States and rest were in Non-border states. Among these only 4.8% receives clot-busting medicine in Border States as compared to 5.7% those who were in non-border states, and due to this 30% more patients of Hispanic stroke dies in Border States medical care as compared to non-Hispanic stroke patients. Reviewers have mentioned that a thorough study is still demanded as there is not a big difference in the ratio of the people dying because of either Hispanic Stroke or Non-Hispanic Stroke whether it receives treatment in Border States or Non-border states medical care.

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