Sunday, February 9, 2014

Growing Trends of Sexual Violence Among Teenagers

A disturbing trend among teenagers in United State is the growing commitments of sexual violence. Such violence is more visible in the teenagers in the age group of 14-19. Over 10% of them have already taken part in some sort of sexual violence at least once in life while 4% were involved in gruesome incidences of complete albeit forcible rape. Studies conducted in this regard revealed some interesting facts. It was found that teenagers from low income group families including the Afro-Americans and Latino-Americans were less involved in such atrocities. The incidences of committing such violence were much more among the white people and well to do families. Coercive tactics that were used for committing sexual violence included among other various psychological and emotional blackmailing methods. People that acknowledged rape incidents, either attempted or completed were also those who reported such incidences. Another matter of concern is that over 75% of sexual violence takes place in relationship between boy and girl friends, especially among teenagers.

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