Tuesday, February 25, 2014

HIV transmission reduction slights AIDS mortality among drug injectors in heterosexuals

The studies of community network present that the sexual relationship happens between the members of the “risk group”- mainly the men who perform sexual activity with other men and those who inject PWID drugs, and non drug users and also heterosexuals. It is noted at the New York University’s center for Drug Use and HIV Research that a small research was performed to support and explain about how HIV epidemics and programs affect others in the same group and the way to reduce its risks of transmission. The recent research and study conducted by a team of researchers from CDUHR, followed by Samuel R.Friedman, Director of CDUHR’s interdisciplinary Theoretical Synthesis Core and the Institute for infectious Disease Research at NDRI, dropped light on the ways that connects the HIV epidemics in diverse populations. According to Dr. Friedman,”Since existing theory and research have relatively little to say about the cross population processes being studied, we used exploratory analytic technique to study these relationships.”

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