Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The study of promising cervical cancer

A research performed by a physician on cervical cancer at the University of Arizona Cancer Center at ST. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center was published in the journal of new England journal of Medicine. In addition to this, the multi-site Project by Bradley. J. Monk, MD, is probable to alter the values of the care of women with superior cervical cancer. The research featured here presents that the women with higher cervical cancer has the chance to live for four months with the use of Avastin and chemotherapy when compared to only chemotheraphy. Actually, women who have bevacizumab in combination with chemotherapy has a chance to live longer for 17 months after its diagnosis. And the one who gets only chemotherapy lives for 13.3 months only. According to Dr. Monk, the project Senior author, “ This research proves that there are new options for patients with metastatic cervical cancer.” At the time of clinical test, the patients were at random assigned into groups in which one has those who had only chemotherapy and the other group who got the treatment with a combination of bevacizumab and chemotherapy.

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